The Thirsty Nomad Pty Ltd

caravan water filter

With our decades-long experience in water purification, we at The Thirsty Nomad know what works. We use cutting edge technology and techniques to provide you with a point of use system that will fit your needs perfectly while not compromising on quality or performance
We understand the science behind it all too well – Tory learned his trade as an engineer before going into business for himself selling pretty much anything related to cleanliness (including bottled gas). Robert had chemical engineering degrees so he could make sure nothing goes wrong during production; Dr Chis has spent her career researching antimicrobial agents just like those found naturally occurring within plants which are now available.
With our decades of experience, The Thirsty Nomad has developed a line-up that is unparalleled in its simplicity. Our Point Of Use Water Purifiers use the latest advances to target harmful pathogens without chemicals or power requirements – all while being kinder on you than traditional methods.

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