Top Garage Repair

Address: 135 Queen St #118, Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Australia

At Top Garage Repair in Brisbane, we’re proud for being one of the most trusted and well-rounded garage repair services in the city. For our customers in search of affordable, reliable garage door service, repairs and replacements, we’re your one-stop company. We offer exceptional commercial and residential services, so there’s just one team to call. We’re glad to be one of Brisbane’s leading garage repair teams, and we believe that this is because of our unwavering commitment to our customers and our quality service. We’ve taken the time to certify every one of our staff members, so every time you call us, you’re speaking with someone who knows clearly what’s happened. Over our 4 decades in garage door replacement and repair services, we’re happy to announce we’ve partnered with a number of businesses around Brisbane. These connections let us to offer our customers incredible deals on new garage doors, replacement parts and much more, so getting your hands on a deal is easier than ever with Top Garage Repair. Each of our services are well-rounded enough to offer our customers everything they need to get on with their day. If you’re searching for someone to assess an issue, replace a garage door cable or swap out an entire door with a new one, we’re more than ready to help. For our customers who need after-hours support, we’re glad to say we also provide this. If you’re stuck at home or work with a garage door that won’t shut or open, call us. We’ll be at your location in no time to get you in or out of the workplace. We don’t believe in forcing our customers to be stuck with their doors left open all night. Give the experts a Top Garage Repair a call today and leave your affordable to repair to Brisbane’s trusted experts.

9 AM - 5 PM Mon - Sat and 24/7 Emergency Repair